Who the hell is Ambie?

Hey, you!
Yes, you!

Welcome to my blog! How you found this website is a mystery to me, but I hope you enjoy your stay.
I’m Ambie, a British dude who loves music, video games, online media and sleep. Oh, and Second Life!

“Wait, that cringey game where furries live and people use as a glorified sex simulator?!”
Yup, the very same! But its so much more than a furry hangout or a place to live out your dreams of getting pegged by a muscular woman with a fantastic pair of breasts (although, you can find those things if you know where to look).
Second Life is a place to unleash your creativity, to consume content it’s Residents create, to socialise from the confinements of your own home, to escape the burdens of real life (whilst making sure you maintain a healthy balance of real life and Second Life), to sail, to shop, to listen to live singers, and SO much more!

“But Ambie (if that IS your real name), aren’t people who play Second Life loners who need to get a real social life?!”
Firstly, of course that isn’t my REAL name, and secondly, well, yes… sometimes. The same could be said for people who dedicate countless amounts of hours to raiding in World of Warcraft, or someone who spends their evening after a long day at work reading a book, or watching TV, or writing music.
Like all things in life, Second Life can be an amazing addition to your life, if done so as just that, an ADDITION to your life (not a replacement).
Of course, there are scenarios where people do tend to put Second Life before their real lives such as people with severe social anxiety, people suffering from restrictive illnesses, or people with disabilities. The list could go on.

But I don’t want to focus on the ‘social issues’ that usually become the focal point when discussing Second Life. I want to focus on the content Residents create FOR Residents of Second Life.
I love the music, the fashion, vehicles, gadgets, architecture, I love it all! The creativity that you can see and explore in SL is incredible. Its not just a sex-obsessed playground. Its a vast landscape of beautiful, fun, intriguing, and weird things!

So come join me on my journey of exploring Second Life. This isn’t a blog about one particular subject, it’s a blog about many.

See you soon!


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